Saturday, July 02, 2005

I told you so

Once in too rare a while, I stop my daily routines long enough to contemplate the long term view, while still denying that my nightmares are real (let's not go there). Today's long term contemplation came where I may do-do my greatest thinking (pun intended) - on the can.

Ever since I was young, I recall reading materials in reach of the toilet in my homes. General interest magazines usually, several cuts above the Readers Digest, such as Mother Jones, National Geographic, the occasional Utney Reader, Church and State, coupled with a few of the computer magazines I get such as Network Mag.

Today's reading was in National Geographic on the nature of the universe. It seems that in 20 billion years or so, our universe will fall into areas in space known as dark matter. Think of our current universe as a depression in a trampoline from a bowling ball. Everything as we know it - poof! If that's the case, why should we be concerned about all our current problems? My wife says I'm pretty stretched (a kinder word than she actually used). Fmr Alaska Legislator Rick Halford commented that he thought he was a forwarding looking thinker, but I was way beyond him. Of course, I wasn't talking Einstein's Theory of Relativity at the time. Actually, I was talking into the future to where we are now. And, without hubris, I was right. Sadly, we as a state mostly went the wrong way. I really do hate "I told you so"'s.


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