Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ethanol is the answer?

With the talk that the energy component of the State of the Union will be highlighting making more ethanol, there is little discussion to address that, while ethanol might be a way to reduce our oil consumption, it has a lower efficiency (less miles/gallon) than gasoline and more importantly, depending upon the fuel source and location, costs more to make. Shouldn't we also consider the impact of diverting a lot of food source options away from food, which impacts the costs of those foods. Seems like the discussion over ethanol needs to be more refined and targeted. An article in the Washington Post starts to address this. The more fundamental answer is to reduce the demand, whether by efficiency or technology.


Blogger Ishmael said...

I think the obvious answer is Nucular Automobiles. Clean, green and oh-so keen. Who cares if a coupe weighs 10 tons? We all know a bigger car is a safer car and we'll be getting 40,000 miles to a ... what units does U238 come in? Pounds? Ounces? Kilopascals? Who knows. I just know it's the next step to the future of flying cars!

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