Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Do they really get it?

I read that Sen. Pete Domenici, (R) of New Mexico may finally realize that improving automobile fuel efficiency standards might be a good idea, what with the run up in gas costs resulting from Hurricane Katrina. 35 years late, but hey! Of course he suggests it might be possible if we do it coupled with increased exploration, like in ANWR. Get it? Nah, not yet.


Actually, I suggested this approach to Sen. Ted Stevens (R) Alaska a year and a half ago, but he panned the idea.

I've also read some states are considering dropping their gas tax to help consumers in this time of need. I must admit that gas costs and more importantly heating oil costs can be a bit high and damaging to the economy, but not as bad as the destruction that would come from improved fuel efficiency standards (see Lisa Murkowski quote on an earlier post). In Alaska, it would only be a paltry amount, since we have one of the lowest state gas taxes in the nation and once abolished, we would have a devil of a time to reinstitute it, as we have with the income tax.


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