Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Illegal spying thoughts

I've been observing the "discussion" about the illegal spying of the Bush administration and their extreme reluctance to give details. I think I've figured it out.

My theory is that they are using a technology that "listens" to A LOT of conversations, but only takes notice when certain technical parameters, such as location of call, words in the conversation, etc., are met. In other words, it is a broad scope with a narrower focus.

Time will tell.

Cartoon power and sizzling sheep

Someone recently said it's a good day when you are still above ground. Another person or two has said that there is real power in the written word. Interesting to know there is great power in the cartoon drawings. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling for spending all those hours reading comics as a kid.

It is really a strange dichotomy to consider that apparent large numbers of Muslims are both violently and non-violently protesting various media outlets printing cartoons ostensibly of Mohammed, while I don't recall such protests over the airing of beheadings of hostages. Seems like there is a human perspective missing. I admit I don't understand the attraction to violence in the name of religion, but mankind has shown a great propensity for just that in the past, oh, 5000 years. I just can't wait to join up and be sanctimonious with one of them, if it weren't for by intelligent designation as one of the chosen. So I guess I will just try to be a good person in this life, treat others with respect, and take my chances on what comes next.

This of course means I can't decapitate or otherwise physically torture anyone in the name of religion. Drat, there's just no fun anymore. Except, I am still above ground, for which I am thankfu.

And besides ....

Besides all the other oddities, such as

1. Republicans rebelling against Dubya's budget proposals for more tax cuts for wealthy, cuts in social services (gotta bleed those programs, due to high deficits),
2. Still no proposed solution to the middle-classification of the Alternative Minimum Tax (c'mon Congress, it's not any harder to fix than it is to fill out as a taxpayer)
3. Republicans actually concerned about the continuing cost of war in Iraq
4. Republican senators VERY concerned over the Bush Administration's illegal spying.

-- actually, not so odd, considering it's an election year

Ramping up of dialog on CAFE standards increase

It does seem that CAFE standards are getting broader airing, even if Bush won't support an increase. He's still looking for high tech and nucular (sic) to provide the needed "independence" from foreign oil.

Even global warming is getting more attention lately.