Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tell me it ain't so

Apparently, scientists now agree that the earth is warming, attributable to human activity, according to the Bangkok Post.

Of course, even the Bush administration, whose agency came to this conclusion, wants to do more studying.

And in a related piece, a pair of Alaska Legislative Democrats want to suspend collection of the state fuel tax to help folks during the summer. The Alaska tax is 8 cents, lowest in the nation. This would do little to help, considering the market price can jump that much in a week, and could actually hurt when reimposed in the fall (as they suggested). Giving them the benefit of the doubt, this may be well meant, but looks like the Bill Frist pandering, offering to give an income tax break of $100, which is now withdrawn.


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Greetings Sir,

Is there any way you can post this Town Meeting Add on your website?
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Special Guest: Senator Gene Therriault

We invite citizens, Business owners, physicians, elderly, families with disabled and Fairbanks community leaders to our Town Meeting to discuss Government Directed Health Care at Pioneer Park next Thursday, August 27th at 6:00 PM. 
This meeting will be unique, insomuch as, it will allow leaders to speak openly about particular aspects of this legislation, whether it be obstacles or opportunities.  Local citizens will share their views on how they believe this bill will impact (positively or negatively) their Health Care and Constitutional rights as individual citizens of the community of Fairbanks and the US.  PLEASE EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS AND JOIN US IN BY SHARING YOUR VOICE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE FAIRBANKS COMMUNITY. IMPORTANT....We encourage people to send questions and their names in advanced to be assured time to speak. Questions will not be screened. Please limit the questions to HR 3200.

If you have any questions, please call John at 907-452-1442 x2323 or Cell# 714-260-5781

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