Sunday, May 28, 2006

Foxes in the Henhouse

I just finished the recent book "Foxes in the Henhouse" by Steve Jarding and Mudcat Saunders, who ran successful Bob Kerrey and Mark Warner campaigns in very conservative states. They have some good suggestions about Democrats being successful in the South - don't write off southern states (as the Dems did in 2004 - you can't win what you give up from the outset), differentiate between "Bubba" and "Redneck", don't let the opposition create the image of what You are about. All basic stuff, but good to have reinforced.

This subject resonated with me partly because Alaska has political and cultural aspects characteristic of a Southern state. I found the book a good common sense read, interspersed with tables of facts to validate their points. It probably follows through with the concept of comity more than some of my other postings. I really do try though.


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