Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cowboys and Injuns

Those who have talked politics with me at any length know of the theory that political humorist Dick Gregory brought to my attention back in 1971 that the United States has a cowboy mentality. And, as some of us remember from childhood, cowboys can't be cowboys unless we have injuns to kill. Dick went into greater detail in a story of the founding of America (where we "discovered" a place that was already occupied) and I'll provide that source sometime.

This being the basic simple premise, it does explain a lot about how 9-11 helped George Bush get his focus. Being the quintessential cowboy (how he walks walk, talks plainly like "Dead or Alive"), before 9-11, the only "injun" he had was Saddam Hussein, who tried to get George's daddy some years back. 9-11 was of course a way to fabricate an Iraqi association with terrorists. Now he was complete, with injuns to kill.

Listening to a news program today that was discussing the killing of innocent civilians in Haditha, Iraq by Marines back in Nov. 2005, one commentator made mention of what the Marines apparently refer to as "indians", meaning the Iraqi enemy (whoever they are). I couldn't have asked for more specific validation of the "cowboys and injuns" theory.


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